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Meet Chris Lipscombe

They call me the wanderer, yes I'm the wanderer,
I wander around and around and around and around . . .

If you are interested in the kind of things I've done and the places I've lived, you can go to my travel map or choose a particular place and time from this list:

If you want to talk about work, check out my CV and drop me a line. And if you want to know what I've been doing online since the Internet came to New Zealand in 1989, check out my history of the Internet in New Zealand. Back in the 1980s I was extremely lucky to work with a great bunch of people as part of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the UK. For me it was a great introduction to some of the core thinking behind the Internet, including tools like VAXnotes (bulletin boards) and VAXmail (email). Over the past two decades I’ve watched with amazement the proliferation of Internet providers, in particular the growth of mobile broadband operators like O2 in the UK. The growth in Internet use and its convergence with traditional telecommunication channels has certainly made it easier for me to work internationally. And the growth of mobile broadband services has allowed me to maintain direct links with friends and business contacts in the UK, even though I’m now back in New Zealand.

In my spare time I love to bind books (new and restored). If you want you can discover a whole bunch of stuff on bookbinding resources here. You can also check out the books in The Bookbinder's Library. After bookbinding, my other great passion is the Web. I've put some of my favourite reading material here in The Web Enthusiast's Library but, as you will quickly discover, most of this stuff dates from the nineties. Plenty of other people have developed their own Web theories based on more recent advances in social marketing, search engines and profiling on the Web. Feel free to develop your own and bore your friends senseless. Just don't blame me if you stop getting invited to parties.

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