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I first started work on this Web site in early November 1996. At that stage I was working with Digital Video Productions, a Brisbane-based multimedia production company. My original idea was to use the site as a learning platform, and I was lucky to get help from Raewyn White and Derek Tearne (of @URL) in figuring out some of the basics. I still do all of the HTML coding by hand using BBEdit on my Mac, and the graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I really am passionate about bookbinding. In fact the whole area of user-information interfaces (of which bookbinding is a part) is the common thread to my work over the past twenty-five years, spanning graphic design, writing, publishing, marketing and software development. In addition, bookbinding was an under-represented part of the Web when I began work on my site. And so the idea of providing an online bookbinding resource seemed both logical and timely.

The Bookbinder's Toolbox (my buy, sell and exchange for bookbinding equipment) was a way of trying to make the site useful to others as well as satisfying for me. The page was listed early on by Yahoo! under their Bookbinding and Conservation section. On an average month accesses to this page total about 1.5MB from New Zealand, and about 26MB from overseas destinations.

The Bookbinder's Library (my bookbinding bookstall) started out as my own book reference list. I've added the ability to buy books directly from, and I will develop this further as I receive suggestions or recommendations for inclusion.

Thanks for visiting Red Eye. If you have any comments, questions or recommendations for improvement, drop me a line.

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